Final meeting in Guadeloupe (29th June to 3rd July 2015)

The Guadeloupean team, LGA (Administration and English teachers) and the Mairie de Morne-à-l’Eau are now preparing for the final meeting in Guadeloupe.

They plan to invite as many language teachers as possible from vocational high schools, and also secondary schools, to continue the dissemination process. Some members of the Academy of Guadeloupe (School Inspectors and Academic Representatives for the Mobility Program) will be invited in order to promote the Methods Project and its impact for the Academy (preparation of mobility programs for students). We will also focus on Tourism and invite the different representatives of the Touristic field, advertising a new type of tourism called EDU-TOURISM. This is based on the opportunity to incorporate familiarisation to the culture into the touristic discovery process. In other words, tourists can learn not only about the country, but also about the culture and its specificities by using the different methods. The Guadeloupean team will be pleased to implement the concept of EDU-TOURISM when welcoming the partners, thus combining the pleasant to the useful.

Images Final Meeting

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