Dissemination in Guadeloupe

Dissemination started with a Pilot course held on 16/10/2014. The language teachers of LGA invited all the teachers (only a few were available but from different fields: French, History, Design Art, Technical teaching, Maths,…), the administration members and also the English assistant to participate in the Pilot course. They presented the different methods and did a practical workshop for the occasion. The session had very positive feedback since all the educational staff tried to find how they could practically adapt the methods to their specific field. Eg. A maths teacher suggested the creation of a number search using Hot potatoes (CALL method) instead of a word search.

As a result, almost all the participants asked the English teachers to teach them English for their personal use at the end of the pilot course using the Methods they liked best.

Images Dissemination in Guadeloupe

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