La mairie de morne a l’eau et LGA rencontre la directrice de l’office du tourisme et le maire de port louis

Nous avons rencontré le maire et la directrice de l’office du tourisme de la ville port-louis afin de leur présenter les différentes méthodes et leur exposer le volet touristique du projet METHODS qui est l’édu-tourism, ils ont étés convaincus par l’idée que cela pourrait accélérer le développement économique de leur zone. Ils nous ont alors donnés leurs accords de principe pour nous fournir les aides dont nous avons besoins.



Final meeting in Guadeloupe: A success story

METHODS partners at Anse-Maurice Bay

The final meeting took place in Guadeloupe from June 29th to July 3rd 2015. All the partners met to work on the project outcomes. We evaluated the work that has been done since the beginning of the project and we compiled a list of things to do until the end of September 2015. We were very efficient and productive working in groups so as to organise the final conference of the project.

Work session on project objectives

Final conference


More than 80 persons attended the final conference that took place on July 2nd 2015 at Gerty Archimède Vocational High School. They first had an overview of the project and the work done by each team during the 2 years. Then, they understood the advantages of using the methods to promote “Edu-tourism” in Guadeloupe. Finally, they participated in 2 work sessions in order to discover what it is possible to do with the methods. All the participants appreciated the conference and we got a lot of positive remarks and comments. Most of them promised they would use the methods in the language classes and even in other classes that do not involve languages.

METHODS partners in front of the school

Phyemoc work session


Simulations work session

MCAST Expo and Methods

The annual MCAST Expo in Malta is being held over the next few days to present the array of Institutes and opportunities that MCAST Malta can offer potential new students and life long learners. Our team was able to have a space near the Maritime Institute to showcase Methods and the 5 teaching methodologies. We handed out brochures and our latest newsletters and talked with vocational lecturers and students about our project.  We were so glad to be able to reach out and share our excitement for these methods and the opportunities to enhance our classrooms and provide greater learning opportunities. We wanted to showcase to students that our teaching strategies are engaging and exciting. There was a positive vibe and great feedback for these teaching methods and students are excited to see them in the classroom and workshops!


Dissemination at the Annual EUCIS-LLL conference in Luxembourg

On the 16 of June 2015 the EfVET was attending the Annual EUCIS-LLL conference “Lifelong Learning: Paving the way to Learning and Qualifications” in Luxembourg (Luxembourg). The conference was aimed to assess progress and formulate recommendations for the future of EU and national learning strategies (ET2020 strategy) at a time when the EU is revising its own policies and tools. By sharing their practices across sectors, delegates were able to found relevant partners for their own initiatives and gain innovative ideas in a “practice to policy approach“. EfVET did a short presentation during the workshop „DIGITAL PEDAGOGY“ -this workshop aims at discussing how new technologies can have a positive impact on learning, before, during and after. And also EfVET distributed a leaflet to all delegates.lux3 Lux1

Dissemination of METHODS in Brussels

During the Development days in Brussels Ms. Valentina Chanina disseminated Pools and Methods to Mr. Felix Meyer from DVV International, showed the website and the pilot course. The ideas about the manual support tools for teaching were also discussed and shared. After the presentation Mr. Meyer had a long discussion about Vocational learning and education which also includes education and learning opportunities for younger citizenship. Valentina-blog article1

News from a kindred project

One of the project friends, Babelium has delivered impressive results:

  • After many months of video production, almost 400 videos in English, French, German, and Spanish have been created by the Babelium team. All of the video exercises have been created under a Creative Commons licence so that they are freely available for use by anyone and can be adapted by teachers if necessary to meet the learning requirements of their students.
  • The project is currently finishing its piloting phase in which any potential issues are being identified via user feedback and implemented in the platform.
  • During this piloting phase which is taking place in France, Latvia and Spain, all of the videos will be available at http:// Once the piloting has concluded, the required changes and improvements will be implemented and the final platform will be made available at
  • Last week we had the fourth partners meeting in Galway and we reviewed and discussed the feedbacks obtained during the piloting phase.
  • Download the latest newsletter
  • More information and news about Babelium can be found on the project website,