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Newsletter from ETI Malta, September 2014

These last 6 months have been very busy for ETI with regard to Methods.
After finishing the CALL handbook in March, the ETI team was tasked with peer reviewing and language-editing the other 4 manuals comprising METHODS:
• Simulations
• Task-Based Learning
• E-Tandem
• PhyEmoC

For the PhyEmoC manual, ETI wanted to bring in their own expertise in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and after discussion with the Project Leader, decided to re-write the manual completely, bringing it up-to-date from its original form. Some of the techniques originally used had dated, and were replaced by other areas.

A wide range of activities was supplied for each section, and other worksheets for activities were added to the appendices.

Moreover, an introductory sector linking the theory behind the use of Physical, Emotional and Cultural activities to learning was explored and covered in some depth.

The other main area ETI has been heavily involved in is dissemination of METHODS to the teachers attending the ETI training courses. A large number of teachers from all over Europe, and outside Europe (Russia, Chile, China and Canada) were shown the Methods webpage, and the 5 Methods were explained. All the teachers were encouraged to follow the Methods Facebook page to be kept informed of any updates to the website. The number of teachers who listened to the talks since April, and received a Methods brochure totaled 220.