Dissemination at the Annual EUCIS-LLL conference in Luxembourg

On the 16 of June 2015 the EfVET was attending the Annual EUCIS-LLL conference “Lifelong Learning: Paving the way to Learning and Qualifications” in Luxembourg (Luxembourg). The conference was aimed to assess progress and formulate recommendations for the future of EU and national learning strategies (ET2020 strategy) at a time when the EU is revising its own policies and tools. By sharing their practices across sectors, delegates were able to found relevant partners for their own initiatives and gain innovative ideas in a “practice to policy approach“. EfVET did a short presentation during the workshop „DIGITAL PEDAGOGY“ -this workshop aims at discussing how new technologies can have a positive impact on learning, before, during and after. And also EfVET distributed a leaflet to all delegates.lux3 Lux1

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