New Training Opportunities for Educators in Malta

MCAST participants from the Pools – Methods project will be running Volunteer In-service Teacher Training Courses, provided by the Department of Education, and will be held over three days in July and September 2015.  These courses are designed to engage educators in different method workshops that will help engage students in more autonomous learning.

We are exciteMethodsLSUd to have an opportunity to provide hands on workshops to educators at all levels interested in up-skilling and becoming familiar with new teaching methodologies that allow for integration of language and content.

The MCAST team is also preparing workshops for Profession Development days and are looking for schools interested in hosting such training courses. The participants will experience different teaching methods by doing activities, instead of just hearing about them.  This is a move away from traditional training courses and invites the educators to participate in developing their skills by actually experiencing various new methods in use.

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