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Final meeting in Guadeloupe: A success story

METHODS partners at Anse-Maurice Bay

The final meeting took place in Guadeloupe from June 29th to July 3rd 2015. All the partners met to work on the project outcomes. We evaluated the work that has been done since the beginning of the project and we compiled a list of things to do until the end of September 2015. We were very efficient and productive working in groups so as to organise the final conference of the project.

Work session on project objectives

Final conference


More than 80 persons attended the final conference that took place on July 2nd 2015 at Gerty Archimède Vocational High School. They first had an overview of the project and the work done by each team during the 2 years. Then, they understood the advantages of using the methods to promote “Edu-tourism” in Guadeloupe. Finally, they participated in 2 work sessions in order to discover what it is possible to do with the methods. All the participants appreciated the conference and we got a lot of positive remarks and comments. Most of them promised they would use the methods in the language classes and even in other classes that do not involve languages.

METHODS partners in front of the school

Phyemoc work session


Simulations work session