Simulation Method Activity

Soft skills – don’t let the soft fool you they can be hard to teach. Communication, mannerisms and leadership skills need to be modeled. The Simulation Method is a great tool to help model such skills and practice using them. During the Methods Meeting at MCAST I was lucky enough to give a brief workshop on the Simulation Method. There had been a lot of talk about soft skills, or sometimes the lack thereof, shown by students who work abroad or apprentice. I came up with this simulation for thinking about and using soft skills. Although we didn’t have time to actually turn our board room into a tourist shop, we were still able to predict what our students would face in a foreign workplace and what they would feel confused about. This simulation would give students an opportunity to practice and determine what a soft skill is and why it is so important in the workplace. For more information or a copy of the Handout checkout out our website.

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