A busy summer for Methods partner ETI in Malta

ETI has had a very busy, and highly productive, summer so far. Summer has always been, and will continue to be, the busiest period in the EFL industry. From May until September, the onslaught of trainees is like a tsunami continuously bringing more and more people to our little island for some form of personal or professional development. Summer in Malta also continues late into the year in comparison with the majority of Europe, but now our ‘Summer Period’ is beginning to draw to a close.
And what a summer it has been! Prior to, and following from, the conference in May ETI have been continuously running teacher training and development courses for teachers from around the globe. We have had teachers from all over Europe, and even from as far as Chile, and all of these teachers have been duly informed about Methods. Hot feedback has shown keen interest from the trainees and, although they may not yet be back at school, a willingness to try some of the ideas mentioned within the various manuals. Many of our trainees have promised to contact us with some constructive feedback – both positive and negative.
We have also completed the updated versions of the CALL and PhyEmoC manuals, which have proven to be of key interest to our trainees on our Methodology and our ICT courses.
At present we are working towards our pilot course to be conducted in-house. We are arguably in a unique situation where our participants are from a communicative background which makes use of a number of the techniques presented in the manuals; therefore the feedback will be very valuable.
On the other hand this is going to be quite a challenge for ETI as our participant group is very used to communicative language techniques in teaching English as a foreign language. If the Methods manuals are perceived as useful by this group, then that will be an achievement in itself. More about that in a future post!

ETI dissemination 2ETI dissemination 520140207_095214

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